Gifted Hand Lyrics & Chords

By Doug Crider and William C. Spencer III

(G)The artist draws a portrait With a (C)likeness (Am)strong & (C)true The (D)potter spins his wheel With a talent held by (G)few And you are also blessed With a (C)gift God (Am)gave to (C)you You (D)took a weathered heart of stone And did what no one else could (G)do (D) Chorus You (G)found love in the water of a spring long dry You broke (C)through the (Am)hard shell of a (C)man You breathed (D)life into his soul that was cold as if he'd died I've been (C)touched (D)by a gifted (G)hand I've found (C)love (D)in your gifted (G)hand Words live on the pages When written down with tears A castle built of stone can last a thousand years And you have forged a chain of silver pure & strong That will bind our hearts together until this world is gone

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