Gathering Home Lyrics

By William A. Ogden & Mary Leslie

They are gathering homeward from every land, One by one, one by one; As their weary feet touch the shining strand, Yes, one by one Their brows are enclosed in a golden crown, Their travel stained garments are all laid down: And clothed in white raiment they rest in the mead, Where the Lamb doth love His saints to lead. Chorus Gathering home, gathering home, Fording the river, one by one: Gathering home, gathering home, Yes, one by one. We, too, shall come to the river side, One by one, one by one: We are nearer its waters each eventide, Yes, one by one. To some are he foods of the river still, As they ford on their way to the heavenly hill! To others the waves run fiercely and wild Yet they reach the home of the undefiled Jesus Redeemer, we look to Thee One by one, one by one; We lift up our voices tremblingly, Yes, one by one. The waves of the river are dark and cold, But we know the place where our feet shall hold; O Thou, who didst pass thro' in deepest midnight, Now guide us, and send us the staff and light.

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