From Thorns To Feathers Lyrics & Chords

By Hank Locklin

(D)From thorns to (G)feathers (A)what a change God can (D)bring Everyday is Thanks(G)giving oh (D)how I praise His (A)name His (D)love can't be measured His truth has set me (G)free From thorns to (D)feathers (A)His grace takes care of (D)me (A)From thorns to feathers (G)He watches over (D)me My (G)cup is over(D)flowing with all His victo(A)ries He (D)delivers me from evil what a (D)blessing to re(G)ceive From thorns to (D)feathers (A)if only I be(D)lieve From thorns to feathers my prayers are not in vain He makes my life worth living in a world without shame My barns are never empty running over all the time From thorns to feathers He satisfies my mind From thorns to feathers my life's a melody I love to sing the story of how He died for me Each day I'm getting closer and the feeling's growing strong From thorns to feathers someday I'm going home From thorns to feathers my Lord will take me home

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