From The Window Up Above Lyrics & Chords

By George Jones

Verse 1 (C)I've been living a new way Of (G)life that I love (C)so But I can see the clouds are gathering And the (G)storm will wreck our (C)home For last night he held you (F)tightly And you didn't even (C)shove This is true for I've been (G)watching From the (F)window up (C)above Verse 2 (C)You must have thought that I was sleeping And I (G)wish that I had (C)been But it's guess to get to know you And the (G)way your heart can (C)sin I thought we belonged to(F)gether And our hearts fit like a (C)glove But I was wrong for I've been (G)watching From the (F)window up (C)above Verse 3 From my eyes the teardrops started As I listened on and on I heard you whisper to him softly That our marriage was all wrong But I hope he makes you happy And you will never lose his love I lost mine while I was watching From the window up above (C)How I wish I could be dreaming And wake up to an honest (G)love that's (C)true But I'm wrong for I've been (G)watching From the (F)window up (C)above

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