From Jerusalem To Jericho Lyrics & Chords

By Anna Simpson | Hank Williams

(C)From Jerusalem to Jericho, along that lonely road, A (F)certain man was (C)set upon and (D)robbed of all his (G)gold. They beat him and they (C)stripped him, and they left him there for dead. Who (F)was it then that (C)come along and (G)bathed the aching (C)head? Chorus Then (F)who, tell me (C)who, Tell me who was this neighbor kind and (G)true? From (C)Jerusalem to Jericho we're traveling every day, And (F)many are the (C)fallen ones that (G)lie along the (C)way. From Jerusalem to Jericho, a certain priest come by, He heard the poor man crying, but he heeded not the cry. He gathered his robes about him and he quickly passed away. Who was it then that come along and ministered that day? From Jerusalem to Jericho, a Levite came along, He heard the poor man crying, that lie upon the ground. He lifted his hands up to the heavens and he quickly passed him by. Who was it then that came along and heeded that needy cry? From Jerusalem to Jericho, when life was ebbing away, Along come that Samaritan who was despised, they say. He ministered to the dying man, he carried him to an inn. He paid his fare and told the host to take good care of him. From Jerusalem to Jericho, a-traveling every day, And many are the fallen ones that lie along the way. Oh, some despised and some rejected, but it's no matter how they've been, When everybody turns you down, then Jesus takes you in.

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