Freedom Hymn Lyrics & Chords

By Austin French

Verse 1 (Em)I push, I pull go back and forth finding (G)myself pounding on a (Am)locked door I (Em)try to make it out alone without your (G)help But I (Am)know I'll never win this war Pre-Chorus (Em)I can never be, never be, free (G)without (Am)you (Em)I can never be, never be, me with(G)out you Chorus (C)This is the sound of (Em)chains breaking (G)This is the beat of a (Am)heart changing (C)This is a song of a (G)soul for(D)given (Am)This is my freedom (C)hymn (G)This is my (D)freedom hymn (G)This is my (D)freedom hymn Verse 2 I breathe the air of freedom in knowing my life Is better off in Your hands The past is gone what's done is done Now I'm alive I'm never gonna look back Pre-Chorus I can never be, never be, free without you I can never be, never be, me without you Bridge (G)Who the Son (C)sets (Em)Is free indeed (Am)Who the Son (C)sets (Em)Is free indeed (D)Who (Em)the Son (C)sets (Em)Is free (Am)I'm free

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