Four Days Late Lyrics & Chords

By Sharon Husarik

Verse 1 (G)The news came to Jesus, please come (C)fast. Lazarus is (G)sick and without Your (Em)help he will not (D)last. Mary and (G)Martha, watched their brother (C)die They waited for (G)Jesus He did not (D)come. And they wondered (G)why. (G)The death watch was over; buried four (C)days. Somebody (G)said He'll soon be (Em)here The (A)Lord's on His (D)way. Martha ran (G)to Him, and then she (C)cried Lord if You had been (G)here You could have (D)healed him. He'd still be (G)alive. Chorus (G)But You're four days (C)late; and (D)all hope is (G)gone. Lord we (Em)don't (D)under(C)stand why You've (A)waited so (D)long." But His way is (G)God's way, not yours or (C)mine And isn't it (G)great, when He's four days (D)late, He's still on (G)time! Verse 2 Jesus said, "Martha, show Me the grave." But she said, "Lord You don't understand- he's been there four days!"" The grave stone was rolled back. Then Jesus cried, "Lazarus! Come forth!" Then somebody said, "He's alive He's alive!" You may be fighting a battle of fear You've cried to the Lord "I need You now!" But He has not appeared. Friend don't be discouraged He's still the same. He'll soon be here, and He'll roll back the stone, and He'll call out your name! Chorus When He's four days late and all hope is gone Lord we don't understand why You've waited so long. But His way is God's way, not yours or mine And isn't it great when He's four days late- He's still on time! Oh, my God is great! When He's four days late- He's still on time!

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