Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever Lyrics & Chords

Capo 3 (Key of F) Verse 1 (D)Her life was ruined and (G)wasted, her (A)hopes were shattered, her dreams had (D)faided but one day at the well she met the (G)man who could (Em)tell of (A)all she ever done and (G)rejoiced when she (A)heard Him (D)say Chorus (D)Forgiven, for(A)gotten, for(D)ever There are (G)all (A)under the (D)blood when you con(G)fess all your (Em)sins, He can (D)not re(G)member them They are for(D)given, for(A)gotten, for(D)ever Verse 2 My past was so dark it seemed hopeless My heart was so heavy te weight was endless But as low as I could be, Jesus still spoke to me He erased all my sin and pardoned me Chorus Forgiven, forgotten, forever There are all under the blood when you confess all your sins I can not remember them They are forgiven, forgotten, forever

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