For What Earthly Reason Lyrics & Chords

By Dottie Rambo

(G)For what earthly reason would the heavenly Father send (C)down his Son To (D)suffer rejection and pay for crimes He had not (G)done? For what earthly reason would the Father let Him hang on a (C)tree? I wept with the answer, the one earthly reason was (G)me. Chorus (G)I was the (C)reaso-(D)-on, that one earthly (G)reason; I was the (C)guilty, He was the sacri(G)fice; I was the (C)take-(D)-er, He was the (G)giver, Dying while (C)I go free, That (G)one earthly (D)reason was (G)me. The fairest of angels were not summoned from the throne up in the sky To purchase my pardon and not even the angels could die. The only provision for my freedom was destined to be The sweet Lamb of Glory, and His only reason was me.

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