For the Cross Lyrics & Chords

By Matt Redman

(Bm)I will (A)love You (G)for the (Bm)Cross (A) (G) (Bm)and I will (A)love You (G)for the (Bm)cost (A) (G) (A)Man of sufferings, bringer of my peace (A) (G) (Bm)You came (A)into a (G)world of (Bm)shame (A) (G) (Bm)And paid the (A)price we (G)could not (Bm)pay (A) (G) (A)Death that brought me (G)life (G)Blood that brought me (Bm)home (A) (G) (A)Death that brought me (A)life (G)Blood that brought me (Bm)home (A) (G) Chorus (Bm)And I love You for the (G)cross (A)I'm overwhelmed by the mys(G)tery (Bm)I love You for the (G)cost (A)That Jesus You would do (G)this for me When (Bm)You were broken, (G)You were beaten (A)You were punished, I (G)go free (Bm)When You were wounded (G)and rejected (A)In Your mercy I am healed, I am (Bm)healed (A) (G) Jesus Christ the sinners friend Does this kindness know no bounds With Your precious blood You have purchased me Oh the mystery of the cross You were punished You were crushed But that punishment has become my peace Yes that punishment has become my peace

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