For God So Loved Lyrics & Chords

By Jasmine Murray

Verse 1 (C)Christmas (F2)tells me a little (C/E)music and some lights (F2)Glowing bright on Main Street and there's (C/E)magic in the night Christmas (F2)tells me for kids from (C/E)one to ninety two It's a (F2)time of expectation, hoping (C/E)wishes will come true A (Dm)thousand things the (C/E)holiday (F)speaks for me to (C/E)hear But the (Dm)greatest truth (C/E)Christmas tells me (Gsus)loud and (G)clear Chorus (C)God so loved the (G/B)world He (F/A)left His throne on (C/G)high He (F)came to be with (C/E)us one (Dm)quiet holy (G)night And the (C)greatest gift of (G/B)(F/A)offered (C/G)everyone For (F)God so loved the (C/E)world, He (Dm)gave His (Gsus)only (C)son Verse 2 Christmas tells me the gift that Mary holds He's peace on earth, Emmanuel, wrapped in swaddling clothes Christmas tells me oh, if it tells me anything It's our maker in a manger, our Savior and our King Chorus God so loved the world He left His throne on high He came to be with us one quiet holy night And the greatest gift of all He offered everyone For God so loved the world, He gave His only son For all of us, He gave His only son He gave His only son

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