Footsteps Walking With Me Lyrics & Chords

By Steve and Heather Taylor

(C)Footsteps (G)walking with (C)me Footsteps I cannot (G)see But every move I make And every step I take I know they're there with (C)me They walk with me all the way Beside me day by day Through good and bad Through happy and sad Those footsteps won't go away (C)I'll never walk in (G)life (C)alone There'll always be someone (G)there I know He won't let me down He's with me everywhere The special things in (G)life I've (C)done Have been through Him and His (F)love I've been blessed in (C)so many (Am)ways (G)Thanks to the Lord (C)above I think that my life's been planned By the one who's guiding me When I'm led by the hand Of someone I can't see I'm not always sure where to go That's when I follow his lead I know that the pathway that He shows Will help me to succeed

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