First Step To Heaven Lyrics & Chords

By Emory Gordy & Jim Rushing

Wake up Oh (D)sinner, you're (A) facing the darkness (D)death Each (G)moment may be the moment you take your last (D)breath And the (G)weight of your fears are the shackles that keep you (D)enslaved But the blood of the Lamb is the (A) one way to bypass the (D)grave. Chorus (D)The first step to (A) heaven, is knowing you?re (D)lost The highway to (A) Glory, is the way of the (D)Cross You can hand Him your (G)burdens the moment your (D)see The first step to (A) Heaven, is down on your (D)knees. To you (D)believers who've (A) answered the Good Shepherd's (D)call Flood the (G)chasm of darkness with the light that can save one and (D)all Not a (G)soul crosses Jordan on weight of the money or (D)deeds That Mansion up yonder is (A) reserved for those who (D)believe.

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