Finish Well Lyrics & Chords

By Karen Peck & New River

Verse 1 (F)There will come a (A)day I (Dm)know without a (B)doubt (Fm)Around the throne the (B)saints will bow And (F)lay down every (C)crown How (F)glorious that moment To (Dm)see Him face to (B)face To (F)hear Him say “well (B)done my child” You’ve (C)finished your race But for (Dm)now the sun’s still (C)rising There’s (B)work to still be (Fm)done While we’re (Gm)waiting for the promise Of (C)what is yet to come. Chorus Finish (F)well Every (Cm)day that we are (F)given Finish (B)well For the (Gm)glory of His (C)name Finish (F)strong Un(Cm)til the Savior (F)finally calls us (B)home (F)Give it (Gm)everything we (C)have Finish (F)well. Verse 2 There’s no truth in saying We’ve seen our better days These are the days to be courageous Bold and full of faith So wherever He may lead us Whatever it may cost Let the Church arise and lift The banner of the cross. Chorus Finish well Every day that we are given Finish well For the glory of His name Finish strong Until the Savior finally calls us home Give it everything we have Finish well every day that We are given

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