Find Me In The River Lyrics & Chords

By Martin Smith

(G)Find me in the (C9)river (D)Find me on my (G)knees I've walked against the (C9)water (D)Now I'm waiting if you (G)please (G)We've longed to see the (C9)roses (D)But never felt the (G)thorns (G)And bought our pretty (C9)crowns (D)But never paid the (G)price Chorus (C9)Find me in the river (G)Find me there (C9)Find me on my knees With my (G)soul laid (D)bare (C9)Even though you're gone And I'm (G)cracked and (D)dry (Em)Find me in the river (C9)I'm waiting (D)here (G) Find me in the river Find me on my knees I've walked against the water Now I'm waiting if you please We didn't count on suffering We didn't count on pain But if the blessing's in the valley Then in the river I will wai

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