Find Hope Lyrics

By Parousia

Life’s sinking sand has swallowed me And I don’t think I can see I’m drowning in my world of sin Feet, shoulders, eyes, it’s covered me Could a limb but set me free? Losing again, fighting the skin Changing the life I broke, I will find hope Chorus Your Love inside will be the better part of me Let all the rest just waste away All that they see is true, but make me more like You So that what was, can be for good Verse 2 Life’s full of hurt, but I choose Him And I won’t turn back again I waited so long watching for dawn I’d gone too far to just dive in But He taught me how to swim Darkness so deep won’t stunt His reach Changing the life I broke, I will find hope Changing the life I broke, helped me to finally find hope Bridge I ran so long Never believing You would take me back And now I know That You were waiting just exactly where I left You And there’s nothing could have kept You from me

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