Fierce Lyrics & Chords

By Jesus Culture

(G)Before I call, before I ever (D)cry You answer (Bm)me from where the thunder (A)hides I cannot (G)run, this heart I'm tethered (D)to With every (Bm)step I collide with (A)You Chorus (G)Like a tidal wave (D)crashing over me (Bm)Rushing in to meet me here (A)Your love is (G)fierce! Like a hurricane (D)that I can't escape (Bm)Tearing through the atmosphere (A)Your love is (G)fierce! You cannot fail, the only thing I've found Is through it all You never let me down You don't hold back, relentless in pursuit And every turn I come face to face with You Bridge (G)You chase me down, You seek me out (Bm)How could I be (A)lost when You have called me found? You chase me down, You seek me out

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