Feel It Lyrics & Chords

By Tobymac

When I (Am)sit back and imagine Life without You, I can't fathom How I (F)ever thought I'd make it on my (G)own And there's at (Am)least a million reasons I'm still standing here believin' You're my com(F)fort, You're my healin' This I (G)know (this I know) Pre-Chorus Well, you (Am)can't see the wind, but it moves the leaves From the bottom to the top of the tallest trees You are every(F)thing I will ever need And they can't take that from me Chorus (Am)Oh, I feel it in my heart I feel it in my (F)soul That's how I (G)know (Am)You take our brokenness and make us beauti(F)ful Yeah, that's how I (G)know Bridge (Am)Love came crashin' in Never gonna be the same again Yeah, (F)You came crashing in You (G)wrecked me, You wrecked me Outro (F)Everybody talkin' like they need some proof But what more do I need than to feel You

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