Fearless Lyrics & Chords

By Jasmine Murray

Intro (C) (G) (Em) (C) (G) Verse 1 (Em)I wake up I (C)feel it, (G)those fears are back again (Em)Can't shake them, (C)can't make them (G)ever fade ever end (Em)Am I (C)good enough, (G)do I measure up? (Em)Feels like a (C)war I can't (G)win Pre-Chorus But (Em)I wasn't given the (C)spirit of fear I was (G)given the power of love (Em)Everything I've been (C)fighting against I'm gonna (G)lift it up Chorus I wanna be (Em)fearless, (C) (G)No holding back No backing down, (Em)Fearless (G)Because I believe You're with me now (Em)Bring on the (C)unknown, (G)lead me and I'll go (C)Come set me free, God, (G)I want to be (Em)Fear(C)less (G)(I want to be) (Em)Fear(C)less (G)(I want to be Verse 2 These mountains, These giants Will fall at a single word In Your name, In Your strength I'm more than a conqueror Pre-Chorus But I wasn't given the spirit of fear I was given the power of love Everything I've been fighting against I'm gonna lift it up Chorus I wanna be fearless, No holding back No backing down, Fearless Because I believe You're with me now Bring on the unknown, Lead me and I'll go Come set me free, God, I want to be Fearless (I want to be) Fearless (I want to be)

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