Farther Along Lyrics & Chords

By W.B. Stevens and Jesse R. Baxter

(A)Tempted and (D)tried we're (G)oft make to (D)wonder
(G)why it should (D)be thus (E)all the day (A)long,
while their are (D)others (G)living (D)about us,
(G)never (D)molested (A)though in th (D)wrong.

(A)Farther a(D)long we'll (G)know all a(D)bout it,
(G)farther a(D)long (E)we'll understand (A)why;
Cheer up my (D)brother, (G)live in the sun(D)shine,
(G)We'll under(D)stand it all (A)by and (D)by.

(A)When death has (D)come and (G)taken our loved (D)ones,
(G)it leaves our (D)homes so (E)lonely and (A)drear;
Then do we (D)wonder why (G)others pros(D)per,
living so (D)wicked, (A)year after (D)year.

(A)Faithful til (D)death (G)said our loving (D)Master,
(G)a few more (D)days to (E)labour and (A)wait;
Toils of the (D)road will (G)then seem as (D)nothin,
(G)as we sweep (D)through the (A)beautiful (D)gate.

(A)When we see (D)Jesus (G)coming in (D)glory,
(G)when He comes (D)from His (E)home in the (A)sky;
Then we shall (D)meet Him (G)in that bright (D)mansion,
(G)We'll unde(D)stand it all (A)by and (D)by.

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