Fall Upon Your Knees Lyrics & Chords

By Miriam Webster

Verse (C)He is able to re(Dm)store (G)He is able to (C)heal (Em) (Am)He is able to re(Dm)prove (G)He is able to (C)for(F)give Verse (C)Though your spirit may be (Dm)wounded (G)Or your heart be (C)filled with (E)grief (Am)The proud will have (Dm)no (F)hope (G)But the humble no (C)defeat Chorus (C)Fall upon your (F)knees, (G)cry out to (Em)your Maker (Am) He (Dm)will hear you, (G)cause He's your (C)secret place (F) (C)Fall upon your (F)knees, (G)bow before (Em)your Maker (Am) He will (Dm)deliver you, (G)cause He's your secret (F)place Verse He gives strength to the weary He gives power to the weak When you go to Him in secret And lay surrendered at His feet Chorus Fall upon your knees, cry out to your Maker He will hear you, cause He's your secret place Fall upon your knees, bow before your Maker He will deliver you, cause He's your secret place

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