Fall Apart Lyrics & Chords

By Josh Wilson

Verse 1 (D)Why in the world did I (A)think I (G)could (D)Only get to know you when (A)my life was (G)good? (D)When everything just (A)falls in (G)place The easiest thing is to give you praise (D)Now it all seems (Bm)upside (G)down Chorus (Em)'Cause my whole world is (G)caving in But I (D)feel you now more than I (A)did then (Em)How can I come to the (G)end of me But (D)somehow still have (A)all I need? (Em)God I want to know (Bm)you more (D)Maybe this is how (A)it starts (G)I find you when I (Em)fall apart Verse 2 Blessed are the ones who understand They've got nothing to bring but empty hands Nothing to hide and nothing to prove Our heartbreak brings us back to you And it all seems upside down Bridge (D)I don't know how long this will last (A)I'm praying for the pain to pass (D)But maybe this is the best thing (G)that has ever happened to me

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