Faithful One Lyrics

By Selah

(C)I find no hope within to call my (G)own For I am (C)frail of heart, (D)my strength is (G)gone But deep (Em)within my soul is rising (C)up a song Here in the (Am)comfort of (G)the faithful (G)one I walk a narrow road through valleys deep In search of higher ground, on mountains steep And though with feet unsure, I still keep pressing on. For I am guided by the faithful one. Chorus (G)Faithful, (C)faithful (G)to the (G)end, My (C)true and (G)precious (Em)friend, You have been (C)faith(G)ful, (C)Faith(G)ful, so (C)faith(G)ful to (Am)me I see your wounded hands, I touch your side With thorns upon your brow you bled and died But theres an empty tomb, a love for all who come And give their hearts to you, the faithful one. And from the starry sky there shines on me And everlasting hope of liberty And when the day is dawned and when the race is run I will bow down before Gods only Son And I will lift my hands in praise for all youve done

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