Faith Lyrics & Chords

Ray Price

(C)You must have (Am)faith in (F)every(G)thing you (C)do (Dm)Faith will (C)help you find the (Am)way, (Dm)faith will see you (G)through (C)Faith can move (Am)mountains and (F)change the (G)tides of (C)sea (Dm)You can (G)follow this (C)guiding, (Am)light (Dm)wherever (G)you may (C)be (Dm)Like the darkness (G)comes at the (C)end of the day (Dm)there must be an (G)end to the (C)night (Am)And from the depths of your darkest moment (D)faith will show you the (G)light Yes (C)you must have (Am)faith in (F)every(G)thing you (C)do (Dm)Faith will (G)help you (C)find the (Am)way (Dm)faith (G)will see you (C)through

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