Eyes Of Love Lyrics & Chords

By The Cockman Family

Verse 1 (C)He knew each mistake (F)He knew the roads (C)I'd take He knew the (Am)hearts I'd break with (C)every (G)mile (C)He knew the dreams I saw (C)He knew each (Dm)lie I (C)told He watched the (Am)drapes unfold yet He (F)loved (Am)me (C)all the while Chorus (C)How (F)could I ever love my (C)God enough Where would I (Am)be if not (F)for his healing (G)touch I knew (C)that (F)He knew me (Em)as (C)I was (Am) But he (Dm)saw me through the (G)saviors (C)eyes of love Verse 2 He knew the loneliness He saw my life a mess He watched tears of distress each time I cried He knew I'd walk alone He knew that on other days He'd whisper as I knelt to pray that He loved me all the while Chorus How could I ever love my God enough Where would I be if not for his healing touch I knew that he knew me as I was But he saw me through the saviors eyes of love

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