Everybody Will Be Happy Over There Lyrics & Chords

By Albert Brumley

(G)There's a Happy Land of Promise, Over in the Great Beyond, Where the Saved of Earth Shall Soon the Glory (D)Share; Where the (G)Souls of Men Shall Enter And Live on Forever-more. Ev'ry Body Will Be (D)Happy over (G)There. Chorus (G)Ev'ry Body Will Be Happy, (C)Will Be Happy over (G)There, We Will Shout and Sing His Praises; Ev'ry Body Will Be (D)Happy over (G)There. Verse 2 Will Be Singing Round the Throne. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers In That Land Where No One Ever Knows a Care; And the Christians of All Ages Will Join in the Triumph Song. Ev'ry Body Will Be Happy over There. Verse 3 There We'll Meet the One Who Saved Us, and Who Kept Us by His Grace, And Who Bro't Us to That Land So Bright and Fair; We Will Praise His Name Forever As We Look upon His Face. Ev'ry Body Will Be Happy over There.

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