Every Minute I Want Jesus By My Side Lyrics & Chords

By Johnny Mathis

(G)I want to be a help to Jesus every(D)day I want His light to shine on everything I (G)do or say I want His love to always be my daily (C)gu(G)i(D)de Every (C)minute I want (D)Jesus by my (G)side Chorus (G)Yes I want (D)Jesus by my side when I feel (G)blue I know I’ll (D)never have another friend that (G)is so true How good to know that in my heart His love (C)a(G)bi(D)des Every (C)minute I want (D)Jesus by my (G)side I have no riches but that matters none at all He’s always standing by to help me when He hears my call And not one thing that I’ve asked Him for has been denied Every minute I want Jesus by my side

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