Everlasting Joy Lyrics & Chords

By Betty Jean Robinson

Capo 3 (Key of F) Verse 1 (D)I'm headed for a city (G)one not made with (D)hands, I'm (A)crossing over Jordan, I can (D)see the promised land. The waters will be parted and (G)I'll be on my (D)way, and as I'm (A)crossing over Jordan I can (D)say. Chorus (D)Now I have that (G)ever(D)lasting joy within, (A)since Jesus came and (D)took away my sin. The moment that He blessed me He (G)made me fully (D)whole, He put that (A)everlasting joy down in my (D)soul. Verse 2 I'm drinking from a fountatin that floweth from on high It's a well of living waters that never shall run dry I'm feasting on God's manna and praying every day, and that everlasting joy is here to stay. Chorus Now I have that everlasting joy within, since Jesus came and took away my sin. The moment that He blessed me He made me fully whole, He put that everlasting joy down in my soul. Verse 3 My sorrows were so many, my pleasures were so few, my heart was always troubled and peace I never knew Till fully I surrendered and Jesus took control, now that everlasting joy is in my soul.

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