Even So Come Lyrics & Chords

By Kristian Stanfill

Verse 1 (Am)All of creation, all of the earth (Em)Make straight a highway, a path for the Lord (G)Jesus is coming (D)soon Verse 2 (Am)Call back the sinner wake up the saint (Em)Let every nation shout of Your fame (G)Jesus is coming (D)soon Pre-Chorus (Em)Like a bride (C)waiting for her (G)groom We'll be a (D)Church ready for (Em)You Every heart (C)longing for our (G)King We (D)sing Chorus Even so (C)come Lord (G)Jesus (D)come Even so (C)come Lord (G)Jesus (D)come Verse 3 (Am)There will be justice all will be new (Em)Your name forever faithful and true (G)Jesus is coming (D)soon Bridge So we (C)wait We (Em)wait for (D)You God, we (C)wait You're (Em)coming (D)soon

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