Eternal Vacation Lyrics & Chords

By Buck Owens

(D)Some people are taking (G)vacation Traveling both far and (D)near Ever stop and think about Jesus Ever (E)see him to have a (A)care (D)It seems that I cannot be like them (G)While on earth life's burdens I (D)bear (G)And I prepare to meet (D)Jesus And rest (A)eternally (D)there. Chorus (D)Yes, someday I'll take a vacation (G)One that never will (D)end When I'll cross old river Jordan My (E)Savior will welcome me (A)in (D)For me the gates will swing open (G)And I'll have a mansion (D)within (G)There I will rest up in (D)heaven A rest that (A)never will (D)end. Yes, some people own fine mansions Some live in much luxury Never having a thought about Saviour Of where they'll spend eternity And though I cannot be like them I'm building my mansion on high Yes, someday I'll rest up in heaven And leave this old cruel world, goodbye.

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