El-Shaddai Lyrics & Chords

By Amy Grant

Chorus (Dm)El Shaddai, el (G)shaddai El-(C)elyon na Ado(F)nai Age to age you're still the (E)same By the (Am)power (G)of the (A)name El (Dm)shaddai, el (G)shaddai Er(C)kamka na Ado(F)nai I will Bbpraise and lift (Dm)you (G)high El shad(C)dai Verse 1 Through your (Dm)love and through the (G)ram You saved the (C)son of Abra(F)ham Through the Bbpower of your (E)hand You turned the sea (G)into dry (A)land To the (Dm)outcast on her (G)knees You were the (C)God who really (F)sees And Bbby your might You (G)set your children (C)free Chorus El shaddai, el shaddai El-elyon na adonia Age to age you're still the same By the power of the name El shaddai, el shaddai Erkamka na adonai I will praise and lift you high El shaddai Verse 2 Through the years you've made it clear That the time of Christ was near Though the people couldn't see What Messiah ought to be Though your word contained the plan They just couldn't understand Your most awesome work was done Through the frailty of your son El shaddai el shaddai el eyona adonia age to age your still the same by the power of thy name El shaddai el shaddai el eleyona Adonia we will praise and lift you high el shaddai

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