Drops In The Ocean Lyrics & Chords

By Hawk Nelson

(G)I want you (Bm)as you (D)are, not as you ought to be (G)Won't you lay down your (D)guard and come to (A)me (G)The shame that (Bm)grips you (D)now is (Bm)crippling (G)It breaks my (D)heart to see you (A)suffering Cause I am (G)for (D)you I'm not (A)against you If you (G)want to know How far my (D)love can go Just how (A)deep, just how (Bm)wide If (G)want to see How much you (D)mean to me Look at my (A)hands, look at my (Bm)side If you could (G)count the times I (D)say you are (A)forgiven It's more than the drops in the ocean (G)Don't think you need to (Bm)settle for a substi(D)tute (G)When I'm the only (D)love that changes (A)you (G)Open your heart It's (D)time that we start (A)again

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