Don't Lose Your Vision Of Jesus Lyrics & Chords

Verse 1 (D)As I travel along, through this (G)pilgrim land, there are (D)heartaches, and (E)burdens to (A)bear, but with a (D)vision of Jesus, and (G)heaven in view, my (D)cross is much (A)lighter to (D)bear Chorus (D)Don't (G)lose you vision of Je(D)sus, keep your eyes ever on (A)Him, many (D)friends and loved ones have (G)lost their (Em)way they (D)lost their (A)vision of (D)Him Verse 2 I remember the time, I remember the place, when Jesus so sweetly came in, how He took all my burdens, I'd carried so long, when first I had a vision of Him Chorus Don't lose you vision of Jesus, keep your eyes ever on Him, many friends and loved ones have lost their way they lost their vision of Him Verse 3 Don't ever look back, on eartly woes, there's nothing, in this world of sin, Oh don't ever look back, just keep pressing on, lest you lose, your vision of Him

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