Do You Live What You Preach Lyrics & Chords

By Charlie & Ira Louvin

(C)Many prophets are here as a (F)witness for (C)God Many churches they now repre(G)sent and if (C)you've been redeemed you'll (F)know them whom God (C)sent for we know by their (G)fruits whom they (C)serve Chorus (C)Do you live what you preach? would you (Am)preach what you (C)live? In the presence of God could you (G)stand? Jesus (C)knows every deed good or (Am)bad from your (C)birth Do you live what you (G)preach in your (C)church? Some may stand in their church and proclaim they love God and may win earthly fame in their speech if they love not their brother in deed and in truth the right hand of God they'll never reach If your heart don't go out in the service of God then you're lost with the sinners on earth if you have no desire to be honest with God you don't live what you preach in your church

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