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Do It Again Lyrics & Chords

By Elevation Worship

Verse 1 (C)Walking around these walls (G)I thought by now they'd fall (C)But you have never failed me (G)yet (C)Waiting for change to come (G)Knowing the battle's won (C)For you have never failed me (G)yet Chorus (C)Your promise still (D)stands Great is your (G)faithfulness (C)Faithfulness I'm still in your (D)hands This is my (G)confidence You've (C)never failed me (G)yet Verse 2 I know the night won't last Your word will come to pass My heart will sing your praise again Jesus you're still enough Keep me within your love My heart will sing your praise again Chorus Your promise still stands Great is your faithfulness Faithfulness I'm still in your hands This is my confidence You've never failed me yet Bridge (C)I've seen You (G)move (C)You move the moun(D)tains (G)And I (D)believe (G)I'll see you do it again (C)You made a (G)way (C)Where there was no (D)way (G)And I believe (D) (G)I'll see you do it again

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