Diamonds Lyrics & Chords

By Hawk Nelson

Verse 1 (C)Here and now I'm in the fire, in above my head Being held under the pressure, don't know what will be left But it's (Am)here in the (C)ashes I'm finding trea(G)sure Chorus He's making (F)dia(C)monds, dia(Dm)monds, (Am) (F)making diamonds (C)out of (G)dust (F)He is (C)refining and (Dm)in (Am)His timing (F)He's making diamonds out of (C)us Verse 2 I'll surrender to the power of being crushed by love ‘Til the beauty that was hidden isn't covered up It's not what I hoped for It's something much better Bridge (C)Oh The Joy of the Lord It will be (F)my (C)strength When the pressure is on He's (F)making (C)Diamonds I (C)won't be afraid (Am)to shine I (C)won't be afraid (Am)to shine I (Am)won't be afraid to (F)shine ‘Cuz He's making diamonds out of (Am)dust Making (F)diamonds out of us (C)

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