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Deep Deep Love Of Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Samuel Trevor Francis

(Dm)Oh the (A)deep, (Dm)deep (A)love of Je(Dm)sus (F)Vast, (C)un(F)measured, (Dm)bound(A)less, (Dm)free (Dm)Rolling (A)as (Dm)a mighty (Dm)ocean (F)In (C)it's (Dm)full(A)ness (Dm)over me (F)Underneath me, (C)all a(Dm)round me (A) (Dm)Is the (C)current of (F)Your (C)love (A) (Dm)Leading on(A)ward, (Dm)lea(A)ding home(Dm)ward (F)To Your (C)glori(Dm)ous rest a(A)bove (Dm) Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus Spread His praise from shore to shore How He came to pay our ransom Through the saving cross He bore How He watches o’er His loved ones Those He died to make His own How for them He’s interceding Pleading now before the throne Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus Far surpassing all the rest It’s an ocean full of blessing In the midst of every test Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus Mighty Savior, precious Friend You will bring us home to glory Where Your love will never end

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