Dear Younger Me Lyrics & Chords

By MercyMe

(G)Dear younger me Where do I start If (Em)I could tell you (D)everything that I (C)have learned so far Then you (G)could be One step ahead Of (Em)all the painful memo(D)ries still (C)running through my head I (D)wonder how many (Em)different things would (C)be Dear younger (G)me Dear younger me I cannot decide Do I (Em)give some speech about how to (D)get the (C)most out of your life Or do I (G)go deep And try to change The (Em)choices that you'll make ‘cause (D)they're (C)choices that made me Even (D)though I (Em)love this (C)crazy life Some(D)times I wish it (Em)was a smoother (C)ride Dear younger (G)me Dear younger (Em)me (Am)If I knew then what (G)I know now (D)Condemnation would've had no power My (Am)joy my pain would've (G)never been my (D)worth If I (Am)knew then what (G)I know now Would've (D)not been hard to figure out What (C)I would've changed if I had heard (G)Dear younger me It's not your fault (Em)You were never meant to (D)carry this (C)beyond the cross (G)Dear younger (Em)me You are (G)holy You are righteous You are one of the redeemed Set (Em)apart A brand new heart (C)You are free indeed Every (G)mountain every valley Through each heartache you will see Every (Em)moment brings you closer (D)To who (C)you were meant to be Dear younger (G)me Dear younger (Em)me

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