Dear Lord Remember Me Lyrics & Chords

By Myrtle Jackson

(D)I won't care though dark and (A)drear my way may be I won't mind the cross to (D)bear For I know in God's own (D)time He'll set me (G)free But this I (D)pray, dear (A)Lord, remember (D)me Chorus (D)Remember (A)me when tears (G)are falling (D)down Remember (A)me when (G)trouble's all (D)around And look down at the river of (G)Jordan In calling the (D)roll, oh (A)Lord, remember (D)me I won't mind although some bitter lots be mine To bear uncomplainingly I've decided come what may I'll follow Thee But this I pray, dear Lord, remember me I won't mind though I may go through waters deep Still his song my prayer shall be If I'm right I know I'll gain the victory But this I pray, dear Lord, remember me

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