Cup Of Loneliness Lyrics & Chords

By George Jones and Burl Stephens

(D)I say Christian pilgrim so redeemed from sin, (A)Hauled out of darkness a (G)new life to (D)begin. Were you ever in the valley where the way is dark and dim? (A)Did you ever drink the cup of (G)loneliness with (D)Him? Did you ever have them laugh at you and say it was a fake? The stand that you so boldly for the Lord did take. Did they ever mock at you and laugh in ways quit grim? Did you ever drink the cup of loneliness with him? Did you ever try to preach then old fashioned pray? And even when you did it that did not seem a way. And you lost all courage then lost all you vim. Did you ever drink the cup of loneliness with Him? All my friends 'tis bitter sweet while here on earth we stopped. To follow in the footsteps that our dear Savior crossed To suffer with the savior and when the way is dark and dim The drink of the bitter cup of loneliness with Him

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