Crumbs From The Table Lyrics & Chords

By Barbara Miller

(D)Lord, bless your (A)children who (D)walk in per(G)fection (D)Who managed to (A)master your (D)will Give them their (A)share of (D)sweet milk and (G)wild honey (D)Provide bread of (A)life till they're (D)filled Chorus (G)Feed the children but give me the (D)crumbs from the table I'll wait for them (D)down on my (A)knees (G)I'd be ever so grateful for the (D)crumbs from the table For strength needed (A)to follow (D)Thee Lord, I'm not worthy to eat from the platter For I'm just a beggar in need Satisfy others but when they're all finished Dear Jesus, have mercy on me

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