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Crimson Stream Lyrics & Chords

By Paul Oakley

(G)There is a (A)crimson (D)stream (G)That washes (D)white as snow (G)A love that (A)longs to know me as (D)Your (G)own This hope, the Light of Life This grace that won't let go This fire that burns can change a heart of stone (G)Nothing can (D)stop this love from reaching (A)me (G)Nothing can (D)keep Your blood from cleansing (G)me (G)Nothing can (D)change Your mercies, new each (A)day (G)Oh I (A)believe in (Bm)You My (G)Jesus I (D)will give(A) my heart to (D)You No shame can keep me bound No sin can own the keys The price was paid in full to set me free No more these filthy rags I'm clothed in purity My Saviour's righteousness is mine to keep

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