Courageous Lyrics & Chords

By Casting Crowns

intro (G)We were made to be (Em)courageous We were made to lead the (C)way We could be the gene(G)ration That finally breaks the (D)chains We were made to be (C)cou(G)ra(Em)geous (D)We were made to be (C)cou(G)ra(D)geous Verse 1 We were warriors on the (Em)front lines Standing, (C)unafraid But now we're watchers on the (G)sidelines While our families slip (D)away Where are you, men of (Em)courage? You were made for so much (C)more Let the pounding of our (G)hearts cry We will serve the (D)Lord Chorus We were made to be cou(C)rageous And we're (G)taking back the (D)fight We were made to be cou(C)rageous And it (Em)starts with us to(G)night The only (C)way we'll ever (G)stand Is on our (Em)knees with lifted (D)hands Make us (C)cou(G)ra(Em)geous (D)Lord, make us (C)cou(G)ra(D)geous Verse 2 This is our resolution Our answer to the call We will love our wives and children We refuse to let them fall We will reignite the passion That we buried deep inside May the watchers become warriors Let the men of God arise Bridge (C)Seek justice (G)Love mercy (D)Walk humbly with your God In the (C)war of the (G)mind I will (D)make my stand In the (C)battle of the (G)heart And the (D)battle of the hand

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