Come To The Light Lyrics & Chords

By Kevin Prosch

(A)I’m standing here to (D)testi(A)fy Oh, the Lord is good to sing of how he (E)changed my (A)life Oh, the Lord is good I was bound by (D)hate and (A)pride Oh, the Lord is good Never knowing (E)of his (A)light Oh, the Lord is good I did not think I (D)could have (A)peace Oh, the Lord is good Trapped inside by (E)fear and (A)shame Oh, the Lord is good You wiped away (D)all my (A)grief Oh, the Lord is good When I believed (E)upon your (A)name Come to the (D)light Come as you (A)are You can (E)be the friend of (A)God Humble your(D)self and give him your (A)heart He will (E)meet you where you (A)are Come to the (D)light just as you (A)are Fall on the (E)rock for the wasted (A)years He will re(D)store all that was (A)lost Surrender (E)now – his power is (A)here (A)Clap your hands oh E/G#God F#m7Clap your hands oh (D)God Spoken You will call down from the North and the South He will call their names from the East and the West For my God is gracious, loving, kindly, and tender He knows, he knows what is best He will call for the winds of heaven to begin to move He will stir up the nations with a holy ? Send down the power of his mighty rain(reign?) He will fill us up, bring those back to him, yeah Hey, oh, yeah Here we go, here we go Come to the light, come to the light

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