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Come And Rejoice With Me Lyrics & Chords

By Elisabeth R. Charles

(D)Come and re(G)joice with (D)me! For once my (E)heart was (A)poor, (D)And I have found a (G)treasu(Em)ry Of (D)love, a (A)boundless (D)store. (G) Come and rejoice with me! I, once so sick at heart, Have met with One who knows my case, And knows the healing art. Come and rejoice with me! For I was wearied sore, And I have found a mighty arm Which holds me evermore. Come and rejoice with me! My feet so wide did roam, And One has sought me from afar, And beareth me safe home. Come and rejoice with me! For I have found a Friend Who knows my heart's most secret depths Yet loves me without end. I knew not of His love; And he had loved so long, With love so faithful and so deep, So tender and so strong. And now I know it all, Have heard and known His voice, And hear it still from day to day,- Can I enough rejoice?

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