Come and Fill Me Up Lyrics & Chords

By Brian Doerksen

(A)I can feel You flowin' through me. Holy Spirit, com'n' fill me (E)up, (D)Come and fill me (A)up. Love'n' mercy fill my senses. I am thirsty for Your presence, (E)Lord, (D)Come and fill me (A)up. Bridge (Bm)Lord, let Your (E)mercy wash (A)away all of my (F#m)sin. (Bm)Fill me com(E)pletely with Your (A)love once (F#m)again.(E) Chorus (D)I need You, (A)I want You, (D)I love Your (A/E)Pres(E)ence. (D)I need You, I (A/C#)want You, (D)I love Your (Esus)Pre(E)sence.

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