Come Along And Walk With Me Lyrics & Chords

By Dallas Frazier and Arthur Leo Owens

(G)If you're weary from (C)climbing (G)mountains And you've been (A)troubled with (D)heavy (G)rain If you're drinkin' (C)from a (G)fountain That never (A)cleanses your (D)thirsty (G)dream Chorus (G)Then come along and (C)walk with (G)me Let's find a keeper of (D)heaven's (G)keys And when we find him (C)He'll set us (G)free Oh, come along and (D)walk with (G)me For every question and every wonder Oh, there's an answer that satisfies When your wisdom grows weak from hunger That's when your soul needs a bread of life All you sisters and all you brothers If we're the children of Abraham Then let us prove it by telling others About the shepherd who loves his lamb

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