Come Alive Lyrics & Chords

By Lauren Daigle

Verse 1 (Am)Through the eyes of men it seems There's so much we have lost (F)As we look down the road Where all the prodigals have walked (Dm)And one by one The enemy has whispered lies And led them off as (F)slaves (G) Verse 2 But we know that you are God Yours is the victory We know there is more to come That we may not yet see So with the faith you've given us We'll step into the valley unafraid, yeah Chorus (F)As we call out to dry bones Come alive, (C)come alive (G) (F)And we call out to dead hearts Come alive, (C)come alive (G) (F)Up out of the ashes Let us see(Am) an (G)army (F)rise (C) (Am)We call out to (G)dry bones, (C)come alive Verse 3 Oh God of endless mercy God of unrelenting love Rescue every daughter Bring us back the wayward son By your spirit breathe upon them And show that you alone can save You alone can save Bridge (Dm)So breathe, oh breath of God Now breathe, oh (F)breath of God (Am)Breathe, oh breath of God (G)Now breathe

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