Cleanse My Lifted Hands Lyrics & Chords

By David Ruis

(G)There's a longing in my heart D/F#to see your (Em)glory. There's a (C)yearning in my soul G/Bto stand in the holy place.DsusD There's a (G)growing need in me D/F#to ascend the hill most (Em)holy; (C)A burning fire within (D)to E/F#see your holy (G)face. Chorus So (G)cleanse my (C)lifted hands (D) And (G)purify my (C)broken (D)heart (Em)Keep my soul from (D)vani(C)ty (Em)Don't let me speak deceit(D)ful(C)ly, (Em)That the King of (C)Glory (G)may enter in. DsusD There's a vision in our spirits to walk in full anointing, To know Your blessing Lord, Your righteousness within. There's a call upon our lives to stand in a generation That would seek your face alone and turn from flesh and sin.

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