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City Of Refuge Lyrics

By Kenny Calloway

There’s a story in the bible about a city God had prepared That a man can run to when he found himself in trouble and time of great despair And fleeing from the one who saw his life and there outside the city He cried unto the keeper and ask if he coud enter in for there he would find safety Yes God had made provision acity of refuge for him Condemned from the fall of man I was bound in sin with the debt to be paid But God cared for me and on mount of Calvary the foundation was laid And on the cross Christ stretched out his hand that mighty gulf he span and bought my liberty Now I can run to God’s only son He is the city of refuge for me And then one day I run to the city of refuge though guilty I was, I found shelter in the blood He shed for me I was condemned but God showed mercy then on Calvary God built a city of refuge for me.

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